Spain Job Guidance

At ITA Barcelona we care about helping you find a job. We offer a full, ongoing, life-time job guidance service, thus ensuring your short or long term TEFL future. We are committed to providing you with the best assistance possible for as long as you need us.

Should you decide to remain in Barcelona, our local knowledge and experience in the local EFL market contacts will equip you with the tools and confidence to secure teaching work. There are a wealth of opportunities in the Barcelona area, not just within the city, but also, if you prefer a quieter and more traditional “Spanish” lifestyle, throughout the whole Catalonia province in which Barcelona is situated. Other towns in Spain such as Madrid, Valencia, and Bilbao also offer great teaching opportunities.

However, exciting job opportunities exist worldwide. Many teachers wish to experience different lands and cultures. Whether it be in other western or eastern European countries, South America, or Asia, we shall use all our available resources and best endeavours to help you achieve your own particular ambition.

At the end of the day, if you graduate from your TESOL course with the enthusiasm to begin teaching English and giving back, you can rest assured that we WILL find you the perfect opportunity to do this.

Our job guidance service includes the following:

>> Guest Speakers
Guest speakers including graduates who have experience seeking work in Spain. This session will give you the opportunity to learn first hand what’s out there and tips on how to secure work.

>> Resume/CV writing
During the course we will advise you on how to update and make the necessary amendments to your resume/CV in order to make it TEFL / TESOL oriented and appealing to your prospective employers. Often this can make a real difference, since the appropriate layout and structure of resumes/CV’s can change a lot from country to country.

>> Interview Skills
We will give you all sorts of tips on interview dos and don’ts, so you can give a top performance at your future job interviews. Our course director will thoroughly inform you of what aspects of methodology and practice you need to be prepared for and will perform mock interviews with you.

>> Contacting former graduates
We keep in touch with TESOL Training Spain graduates and our database shows where they have taught and lived after their course. We will do our best to put you in touch with someone who has had first hand experience in the country of your choice so you learn about the pluses and minuses of life and work there.

>> Resource Pack 
A pack with useful information that you can use to start your search, including advice on job-hunting both in Europe and around the world, and using the internet Job-search notice boards effectively to identify recently advertised jobs.

>> Job guarantee
While we do not guarantee a job after the course, we make exhaustive efforts to find jobs / leads for all our graduates. There is a huge demand for language teachers worldwide and the chances of finding work after the course are excellent.

In addition to TESOL Training Spain’s efforts, you should make as much effort as possible to find work for yourself, by communicating directly with individual schools, presenting yourself well at interviews, and being patient and flexible.

Whether it be a long-term teaching future, or simply a “gap period”, experiencing another world, TESOL Training Spain is the right place to start!

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